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To focus and develop functional and regenerative medicines as an alternative way of treatment whereby more people could benefit from them and improve quality of their life.


To bring awareness and education to the general public on the many possibilities of functional and regenerative medicines in treating and preventing diseases.

Careist clinic was founded in February 2013 by Dr. Neogh Kok Lim. Having graduated from medical university, and after going through his medical university, and after going through his medical pratice in Ministry of Health, Dr. Neogh was exposed to various medical cases. He realized that conventional medical practice could not provide a long term solution for patients with chronic diseases. Many types of medicine are often prescribed to patient, but it is merely controlling the disease, and not addressing the underlying problems.

This inspired him to study futher and learn more about functional medicine and regenerative medicines. Despite his busy work schedule, he attached workshops and conferences in Malaysia, Korea, India, Bangkok and China. He decided to set up his own clinic, focusing on providing functional and regenerative medicine.

By using cutting edge technologies such as genetic test, micro-nutritional therapy, hormonal balancing therapy, heavy metal detoxification, and stem cell therapy, Careist clinic focuses on the underlying disorders and restore patient body function.

Along the way till to-date and even in the future, Dr.Neogh continuously upgrade his knowledge and skill in his field to provide the latest and advance approaches in managing his patients.

Functional & Regenerative Medicines are the answer to what modern medicine is about. Functional medicine is an intergrative science-based medical approach that treats illness and promotes wellness. Whereas conventional medical pratice treats a medical problem with medicine to control the illness, which does not solve the underlying development.

Functional medicine engages both patient and the doctor in developing a  therapeutic plan. It understands the relation between genetic predisposition, lifestyle, micro-nutrition, toxin, and hormones status that can influence health and disease development.

Regenerative medicine is the process to restore body function. Due to age, disease, or injuries, body sustains tissue-degeneration and losses its function. Regenerative medicine holds the potential of stimulating damaged tissue to self-regenerate and self-repair.

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