Botox® is a highly purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles. creating a refreshed and youthful look. It is manufactured and marketed by Allergan Inc., USA under stringent conditions to ensure highest standards.

It can be used to improve crow's feet lines, frown lines, frontal lines, facial slimming, and excessive sweating. 

Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers, mainly made from hyaluronic acid (HA). It is  natural substance in the skin that stimulates collagen, adds volume, delivers nutrients, helps the skin retain moisture and softness.

As we age, our face changes in many ways . We may notice deepening of the wrinkles, flattening of the cheek, thinning of the lips, and skin sagging. This happens as our facial tissue loses its volume. A collection of fillers adds volume to different area of the face to lift cheeks, restore a smoother appearance, improve facial enhancements, and plump the lips. 

As we age, our skin loses its ability to reflect light, giving us a sad and tired face.
Age, stress, hormonal changes, sun exposure, smoking, and unhealthy lifestyle are factors involved in skin aging. Your complexion dulls, lines develop, the texture of your skin is uneven, wrinkles and lines appear.
Skin hydration booster is a simple and effective treatment protocol, giving natural and immediate results. The treatment result is cumulative; repeating treatment can make the result lasts longer. 

4/ Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has been utilized in skin booster & rejuvenation all over the world. It is a revolutionary process using your own blood to produce PRP, which is enriched with various growth factors, cytokines, white blood cells, and platelets.

PRP is concentrated with numerous growth factors (PDGF, TGF, EGF, and VEGF). It promotes skin healing, stimulates collagen production, and improves blood circulation.

Other than skin, PRP can be injected into the joint to reduce joint pain, stimulate cartilage production, and improve joint function. 

Laser skin resurfacing has been the breakthrough is aesthetic medicine in 21st century. It is a non-invasive treatment that deliver laser beam, which is divided into thousands of tiny laser spots on the skin. It causes a reaction leading to collagen remodeling and new collagen formation. With the latest technologies and application, fractional CO2 laser dramatically improves skin laxity, wrinkles, scar and aged skin. Read More >>


What is intense pulsed light (IPL)? 
Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-laser skin treatment. produces high intensity pulses of visible light, which in turn directed to the surface of the skin. Light energy is then absorbed into specific skin target causing damage to the particular target, such as pigmented lesion, hair, or vascular lesions.
Intense pulsed light technologies have evolved significantly since they are first introduced to the medical cosmetics 20 years ago. Latest technologies give results as good as those of laser treatments. Such devices can now be used effectively and safely for the cosmetic treatment of pigmentation, unwanted hair growth, and vascular lesions. 


What is fruitic acid peel?
Fruitic acid peel is a procedural method to speed up skin renewal. A fruitic acid is applied on the surface of the skin. It causes exfoliation of the skin, increasing skin turnover, leaving a new and smooth skin surface.

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