Scar Reduction

Scars come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It is the direct result when skin is lost and replaced. All scars need specific treatments according to the types and appearance of the scars.
A scar can be devastating. Most DIY methods simply do not work well.

At Klinik Careist, we offer wide range of treatment to target different types of scar. The treatment plan is tailored to fit your skin condition and your expectation.

Types of Scars

1/ Hypertrophic Scar

It is a type of scar usually resulting from deep wound, surgery, accidental injury, or burns. The scar is raised and red. 

2/ Keloid

A keloid scar is an abnormal scar, which is red and growing out of the wound. It occurs when a wound scar grows excessively after the wound has healed. There is genetic risk of getting a keloid scar. Some parts of the body are prone to keloid, such as ear lobe, chest, and upper arm.

3/ Atrophic Scar

This type of scar is depressed, a sunken recess in the skin, which may have a pitted appearance. It is often a result of pimple. The treatment of atrophic scars varies depending on the types.

4/ Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

This is not exactly a scar, but a temporary pigmentation caused by skin disorder or injury. It is often occurs in people with darker skin, and worsen by sun exposure. PIH is not exactly a scar, however it is commonly occurs together with scar.


An Individualized Approach to Acne Scars

Every patient with scar is assessed individually to determine the best course of treatment. The treatment decision will be made based on the type of scar, appearance, and patient preference.

1/ Topical Cream

Early application of anti-scar cream can reduce scar severity and prevent scar formation. Anti-scar cream is safe, easy to use, and convenient.

2/ Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Technique 
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Treating acne scarring, fractional CO2 laser remains as an excellent modality if performed correctly. It is highly recommended for mixed type acne scarring. The laser beam breaks the scar tissue, and the laser heat promotes collagen formation, improving overall scar appearance.

3/ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 
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IPL does not directly improve the scar. IPL reduces the scar redness and dark spots, even out skin tone. It effectively improves the appearance of the scar. There is minimal or no downtime.

4/ Micro-Needling

A medical grade micro-needling treatment is ideal for acne scar treatment with less downtime. We uses ultra-fine medical grade micro-needles. The treatment creates micro-puncturing on skin, causes new collagen formation. The downtime is short, suitable for patients who are looking for acne scar treatment with less downtime. It can be combined with PRP treatment.

5/ Platelet-Riched Plasma Scar Reduction 
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The platelets in our blood contain numerous growth factors. When platelet is activated, it releases these beneficial substances, helping our skin to generate collagen. The skin begins a natural healing process to get rid of acne scars.
It is high recommended to combine PRP scar reduction to laser scar treatment, to deliver the best results possible.

6/ Scar Injection

Keloid scar is hard to get rid of naturally. Scar injection remains the popular technique to reduce the size of keloid scar. Small amount of corticosteroid is mixed with local anesthesia used, and injected into the scar. It reduces the size of the scar, and flattens it. The treatment is minimal discomfort because of the local anesthesia. It usually requires 3 – 5 sessions to produce a good result.

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