Facial wrinkles & lines

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. The development of wrinkles is because of the loss collagen in the skin as we age.  There are many factors contributing to the loss of collagen, such as genetic, smoking, environmental pollution, nutrition, sun exposure, and skin care.

Wrinkles can occur as early as late 20s. A proper skin care & treatment is essential to delay the onset of wrinkles and prevent wrinkle development.

What are the Types of Wrinkles?

Parallelfine lines
occur on different areas of the face. They are almost parallel to each other, and disappear when skin is stretched. These fine lines are associated with low elasticity due to loss of collagen. It is made worse by excessive sun exposure and skin dryness.

When we make facial expression, facial muscles movement createsexpression such as frowning and smiling.As we age, facial muscles become overactive, creating excessive expression wrinkles
. These wrinkles often make us looks stressful and anxious. It can also happen in people who are under constant stress from work or family.

The process of skin aging usually starts with mild expression wrinkles and fine lines. As age increases, skin losses more collagen and elasticity, the wrinkles and fine lines gradually become permanent creases
. Several factors such as sun exposure and smoking contribute to the formation of permanent creases.
Fat tissue in face plays an important role in supporting the skin, creating a youthful facial contour. The fat tissue shrinks as we get older, leading to facial sagging due to loss of volume support of the face. Skin laxity further worsens the condition, creating folds and sagging face

Personalized Treatment of Wrinkles

1/ Skin Hydration Booster 
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This is a mesotherapy technique, injecting high quality hyaluronic acid and several micronutrients into the skin. This new treatment not only boosts the hydration level of your skin, it also creates skin cell renewal, producing more collagen. The micronutrients component helps protect your skin from harmful effect of the environment. It is very effective in improving fine lines and permanent creases.

2/ Botox Injection 
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Botox injection relieves over-activity of facial muscle associated with age and stress. It reduces excessive expression wrinkles. Whenthe treatment is done by trained doctor, Botox injection reduces expression wrinkles, and gives you a more natural and relaxed facial expression.

3/ Dermal Filler 
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Dermal filler is a technique of injection, injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) into our face to restore volume and achieve lifting. It also improves skin fold such as nasolabial fold or marionette fold. A strategic planning can give visible result with little amount of dermal filler.

4/ Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Rejuvenation 
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After injecting PRP into our face, numerous growth factors within PRP stimulate collagen production. It restores the collagen loss due age, improving skin quality and fine lines.

5/ Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing 
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This technique delivers micro laser beam to the surface of the skin. The laser beam causes collagen formation and remodeling, improving sagging skin, fine lines, and permanent creases. 

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